Technical Specification 
API 682 – Plan 32

The range of Flopac® SPX seal support systems include plan 32 seal support systems that are typically used with arrangement 1 contacting wet seals (1CW-FX, 1CW-FL), in few cases with arrangement 2 and 3 dual seals in combination with plan 52 or 53 systems.


Plan 32 – Description


Plan 32 seal support systems are intended to improve the seal environment by bringing a controlled (cool) clean flush from an external source into the seal chamber – in order to protect the (inboard) seal if the pumped fluid is extremely hot, corrosive, aggressive or solids-laden.


A Plan 32 injects a (cool) clean flush liquid at elevated pressure into the seal chamber from where it will flow into the process. To maintain an elevated pressure and to avoid all too excessive losses of flush liquid the seal chamber should best be isolated from the process by a close-clearance throat bushing.

The injected flush at elevated pressure will prevent the contaminants of the pumped liquid to approach the (inboard) seal provided it is continuous and sufficient.

A properly designed Plan 32 operates self-reliant provided the continuous and sufficient supply of flush liquid is ensured. That will require a highly reliable ‘external source’. Should such external source not be readily available, kindly address Flopac for our range of well-engineered Seal Flush Injection units.   

Heat exchangers

Usually plan 32 units do not contain an heat exchanger. Nonetheless, there could be circumstances where it could be considered to cool or heat the flush liquid; To improve the liquid properties or to enhance process compatibility. 

Please address Flopac with your requirements and we will gladly find you a suitable solution.


A plan 32 should be equipped with a pressure gauge to monitor the flush supply pressure. For remote control or monitoring it could be considered to use transmitters iso gauges. A (sight) flow indicator is recommended to ensure a positive flow. A temperature instrument could be considered if relevant.  


Flopac provides a complete API 682 compliant package, including all the necessary appendages.

A fair amount of flush liquid is continuously lost into the process. Careful consideration should be given to matters as the cost of the flush liquid, its vapour pressure (flashing), process compatibility and the acceptable degree of product contamination.

That is all of a lesser concern if a suitable fluid is readily available, especially if the fluid is normally injected into the process anyway (such as make-up water). In that case a plan 32 is considered the best flush plan for single seals or the inboard seals in those dual seal arrangements that need extra care or cooling.

It however not recommended to consider a Plan 32 for cooling only, as the (energy) costs can be very high. For cooling only our plans 21 or 23 would be the better choice.  

Please contact Flopac for a more detailed advise on all topics related to Flopac® seal support system plan 32. We will gladly assist. 

Plan 32 – Features

Plan 21 – main features


Improves the seal environment


Protects the seal from contaminants


Operates self-reliant


No circulation device needed


Benefits of the Flopac Plan 21


Wetted parts all SS316


Flexible designs all properly engineered


Reliable performance


(API 682/ISO 21049) compliant 


Compact and lightweight configuration


Directly from the manufacturer



Alternative material selections for specific services like HF and H2S (NACE) services.


The use of Smart transmitters instead of switches for remote alarm / control functions.


High pressure designs (ANSI 600# / 1500#) for static designs up to 200 barg.

Additional pressure-, temperature- or flow instruments to enhance monitoring facilities.

The addition of a temperature gauge, make Badotherm, skin type TG18 -/-20/+120°C, dial 100mm, made from SS316/SS304. Other makes/types and ranges on request.

Plan 32 – Solutions

Plan 32 Series


For a completely packaged API 682 compliant system.

Plan 21 Series



If you just need an API 682 cooler and prefer to do your own packaging.

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